• COVID-19 Workplace Safety System

    Software That Let's You Monitor the Health of Your Employees & Maintain a Safe Workplace.

    Navigate COVID-19. Uphold Auditing & Inspections

    ReOpen Safely. ReOpen Confidently.

Technical Services and Features
Technical Services and Features

AuditsIQ COVID-19 Module & Workplace Safety System

Monitor & Assess Body Temperature Data with AuditsIQ

Temperature readings that are beyond an acceptable range will trigger a warning and share a self assessment to employees using AuditsIQ for COVID-19.

Camera & Temperature-based Building Access

Help ensure COVID-19 safe environments with camera and temperature based building entry access systems.

Electrostatic Spraying Services and Supply

Electrostatic spraying services and electrostatic equipment supply for Covid-19 environmental health and safety sanitizing.

COVID-19 Daily Self-Assesment App

AuditsIQ works to keep your employees and workplace safe by helping you follow CDC and OSHA Track-and-Trace guidelines.

Login and access on the web, or use with the mobile app.
Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

COVID-19 Mobile and Web App

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